Facebook’s Business Page Changes

Most people with personal profiles on Facebook are now used to the “Timeline” setup of their profiles, but did you know that Facebook is making the same changes to business pages?

The changes aren’t permanent for everyone until March 30th 2012 so now is a great time to get a jump on playing with your design without having to make it live

The rules for business pages are disappointing to be sure, for instance:

  • Your banner cannot have your website, phone number, mailing address or any information that is made available in your About section. – Apparently this is too close akin to advertising?
  • You cannot reference site interface elements, such as the Like or Share features.
  • You cannot mention deals, sales or promotions.
  • You may not use call to action phrases like “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”.

Banner measurements are best at 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

Now I for one am a person who disdains boundless advertising, however I do believe that basic company information hardly qualifies as excessive. I suppose Facebook fears that it is a slippery slope but one can’t help but wonder if they just can’t stand the thought of people not paying them to advertise…

Regardless of the limitations, now is a great time to get the jump on picking your Business Page Timeline appearance because you can keep it unpublished until you are fully ready to “show the world” your new finished look!

More information:
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