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A car is as only good as the engine under its hood. The same can be said about a website and the hosting services behind it. The hosting platform is responsible to keep your website live and responsive to help accelerate your business. Like any smart shopper, it’s important to ask “What do I need?” and “For how much?” when considering your web hosting options.

What do I need from my hosting service?
This question is more easily answered when you have considered other questions first.

1. Do you plan to sell online, display a gallery, or have a blog? If so, your hosting provider should include multiple MySQL databases, which make e-commerce, gallery and blog solutions possible and easy to create.

2. Will you need your own domain email? At Clear Path, we always advise business owners to use their own domain emails. Consider it a way to advertise your business online every time you send an email.

3. Would you like to advertise your business online? You may want to get a jump start on advertising with sites like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. Will your Hosting provider provide Advertising credits to get you started?

4. Who will own your domain? No one wants to discover a nasty surprise; the domain you paid for doesn’t even belong to you! Be sure that you are the sole owner when you register a domain with a Hosting provider.

We believe these are the basic essentials for any company making its mark online, regardless of size or market, and meeting all of these needs with a Hosting provider at a fair and low price is not too much to ask for.

Harness the online presence of your business with Clear Path Design; we have it all:

Multiple MySQL Databases – Create blogs, galleries, e-commerce sites, CMS sites, forums, web calendars, and more all with the click of a button!

Unlimited Domain Email – Create as many as you need! Set up auto responders, auto forwards, send newsletters, and connect to Outlook with ease!

Jump-Start On Advertising – Facebook Ad Credits, Free listing, Google AdWords Credits, and Yahoo Search Credits, they’re all included!

Owning your Domain – The terms are clear, when you choose Clear Path as your Hosting provider, you are the owner of your domain and retain all rights to your Company’s name online.

Search Engines and Site Results – Automate search engine submissions to increase your site’s visibility in search results and examine real-time site activity data and see who is visiting your web pages and where they are coming from, all from your easy to navigate control panel!

Unbeatable Tech Support – With an intelligent control panel help option that makes finding the answers you need fast and easy as well as our web technicians who are ready to answer your questions and only a phone call or email away, Clear Path Design provides consistent web services that can’t be topped.

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