Why blogs are important

Why is blogging an important facet in marketing online? Blogging is fantastic way to strut your stuff and show your readers you actually know what you’re talking about. When your content is interesting and useful, people are drawn to you and potential clients are made comfortable with the idea of hiring you because you have become a source of reliable information.

This is also why it is important to have a well designed blog along with a call to action so those potential clients can easily get in touch with you.  Unless you want to maintain an air of mystery as you dispense thoughts and ideas, a contact form, email address or telephone number help people take that next step to tell you they’re interested.

The big question about blogging is; how can we find the time to be active and interesting online? It’s a little irritating to hear over and over again how important online networking is. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now blogging too?!
I figure most business people are in the same boat as I am: We’re often too busy actually doing business to stop and talk about it online. That doesn’t mean blogging and social networking aren’t important enough, it means that these forms of marketing need to be efficient and easy.

The good news is that they are. It just takes a little bit of practice.

Next up, spend less time creating great content: Tips on how to blog efficiently.

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